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    This is pretty basic.<BR><BR>I am trying to write session or cookie variables onto a formatted html page. I tried:<BR>1. saving an existing formatted html page as an asp page and inserting reponse.write(sessionvar) in the appropriate place. It doesn&#039;t work. I can make it work on a blank (i.e. new) asp page, so the variables ar set ok. <BR><BR>2. Inserting document.write(sessionvar) in the html file and save it as an html file. Doesn&#039;t work. It will output string characters (as in document.write "zzz") but document.write (sessionvar) fails.<BR><BR>I really need to know how to do this!

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    Try this<BR><BR>response.write "Value " & YourVariableName<BR><BR>see if the problem is with the response.write or the value in your variable

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