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    Trying to get this to run directly in Access. syntax error in from clause. Any suggestions appreciated.<BR><BR>SELECT o.UserName, o.UserPassword, <BR>pi.PropertyAddress, pi.City, pi.State, <BR>pi.ZipCode, pi.ListPrice, pi.Taxes, <BR>pi.YearBuilt, pi.Occupied, pi.Use, <BR>pi.Units, pi.Bedrooms, pi.Baths, <BR>pd.SquareFeet, pd.Levels, pd.Exterior, <BR>pd.Basement, pd.Parking, pd.Heat, <BR>pd.HeatingFuel, pd.AC, pd.Fireplaces, <BR>pd.Water, pd.Sewer, pd.Electric, <BR>pd.Refrigerator, pd.Oven, pd.Microwave, <BR>pd.Dishwasher, pd.Disposal, pd.Washer, <BR>pd.Dryer, pd.CreativeFinancing, pd.Remarks <BR>FROM OwnerInfo o JOIN PropertyInfo pi <BR>ON o.UserID = pi.OwnerID <BR>JOIN PropertyDetails pd <BR>ON pi.DetailsID = pd.DetailsID<BR>

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    If I were you, I&#039;d break that down into smaller statements to see if you can get anything. Start by just trying to get the fields for OwnerInfo. If that works, try to just get the fields from PropertyInfo, then the same for PropertyDetails. If all three work separately, try getting information from two of the tables and join them. You should be able to pinpoint where the problem is happening as you try using the smaller pieces.

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