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    Good = "yes";<BR>for (count=0; count&#060;TransactionCode.length; count++) {<BR> if (TransactionCode.CharAt(count) == "(") {<BR> Good = "no";<BR> }<BR> if (Good == "yes") {<BR> NewTC = NewTC + TransactionCode.CharAt(count);<BR> }<BR>}<BR><BR>ity supposed to make a string like this:<BR><BR>smoetezt(test)<BR><BR>into this:<BR><BR>smoetezt<BR><BR>basicly (keep only stuff before parenthesis)<BR>what is ****ed up with my code? <BR>

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    Why not just use string.substring()? Look for the first (, and take everything before that.... seems easier than what you&#039;re trying. And no looping.<BR><BR>

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    sorry - i&#039;m stupid, very stupid<BR>what does the code look like

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