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    Hi I&#039;ve been trying to make the debugger in Visual Interdev work but it doesn&#039;t. I&#039;ve been reading all kinds of article and I&#039;ve followed step by step the instructions perhaps I&#039;m missing something. So far this is what I&#039;ve done.<BR><BR>I&#039;m running windows 2000<BR>I&#039;ve installed Visual Studio (Visual Interdev) and<BR>Visual InterDev server extensions <BR>I&#039;ve installed Service Pack 3 for Visual Studio<BR>Then I&#039;ve installed Service Pack 4 for Visual Studio<BR><BR>I then connect to my solution (.sln) <BR>And I&#039;ve done this:<BR>"right-click the page that you want to start the debugging process with and select Set as Start Page. Next, right-click the Visual InterDev project name, and select Properties. Select the Launch tab, and select Automatically enable ASP server-side script debugging on launch. Click OK to close the properties window. "<BR><BR><BR>Now I keep getting the same messagebox saying:<BR>"unable to find project on server. Unable to set server into correct debugging state automatically.<BR>You may not be able to debug ASP pages. Do you want to continue launching the debugger?"<BR><BR>What else can I do or what did I miss ???<BR>Sincerely<BR>Thanks<BR><BR>

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    Default it's buggy

    We had a similar problem with my machine. I am not the network guru, but when we loaded Explorer 5.5 onto my machine, this problem went away. Be aware, however, that now I cannot see bugs or screen shots, etc...the same way that others can, or vice versa.

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