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    Anyone work with Office Web Components on an ASP page? I need to connect to a SQL Server database, but the connection string doesn&#039;t work. I have tried different ones, but this is the way I think it is supposed to look: <BR>dsc.connectionstring="PROVIDER=sqloledb;DATA SOURCE=http://&#060;%=Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME")%&#0 62;;INITIAL CATALOG=mydb;user id=xxxx;password=xxxx"<BR><BR> I get the error that it can&#039;t connect to the SQL. Any ideas? I have dsc.UseRemoteProvider set to True so that it will alter the connection string to use the RDS. Don&#039;t know what I&#039;m doing wrong.<BR>

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    Try it without the http:// in the data source<BR><BR>dsc.connectionstring="PROVIDER=sqlol edb;DATA SOURCE=&#060;%=Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAM E")%&#062;;INITIAL CATALOG=mydb;user id=xxxx;password=xxxx"

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