Hi there!<BR>I would like to share a Directory (Application) with some Applications in my web server, but I want these shared asp files use Session variables from the applications.<BR>This way:<BR><BR>/Common<BR>/Application1<BR>/Application2<BR>..<BR>/Applicationn<BR><BR>I want all the Applications can use asp pages from /Common and asp files from /Common can access to Applications session variables.<BR><BR>-Is there any way?<BR>-Using virtual directories?<BR>-Any other Idea?<BR><BR>This is just cause I use a lot of common asp pages (Logins, informs, etc) in my applications and I need an easy way to have all applications up to date with the most recent changes in this pages.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance:<BR>Xabier &#060;xabi@i.am&#062;<BR><BR>PS: Sorry for my English, it&#039s my 4th<BR>