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    I am trying to update information in three tables of an Access Database. Keep getting syntax error in from clause. I have performed the suggestions access gives for the error including<BR>checking spelling and names for all tables and fields.<BR>"reponse.write" the Sql statement to make sure it is ok.<BR>Don&#039;t understand why this is not working. Any suggestion on how to improve, correct or troubleshoot code is appreciated.<BR><BR>&#039;Connect to Database <BR> Set Connect = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR> Connect.Open = "DSN=Property"<BR> Set SelProperties = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR> SQLQuery = "SELECT o.UserName, o.UserPassword, "<BR> SQLQuery = SQLQuery & "pi.PropertyAddress, pi.City, pi.State, "<BR> SQLQuery = SQLQuery & "pi.ZipCode, pi.ListPrice, pi.Taxes, "<BR> SQLQuery = SQLQuery & "pi.YearBuilt, pi.Occupied, pi.Use, "<BR> SQLQuery = SQLQuery & "pi.Units, pi.Bedrooms, pi.Baths, "<BR> SQLQuery = SQLQuery & "pd.SquareFeet, pd.Levels, pd.Exterior, "<BR> SQLQuery = SQLQuery & "pd.Basement, pd.Parking, pd.Heat, "<BR> SQLQuery = SQLQuery & "pd.HeatingFuel, pd.AC, pd.Fireplaces, "<BR> SQLQuery = SQLQuery & "pd.Water, pd.Sewer, pd.Electric, "<BR> SQLQuery = SQLQuery & "pd.Refrigerator, pd.Oven, pd.Microwave, "<BR> SQLQuery = SQLQuery & "pd.Dishwasher, pd.Disposal, pd.Washer, "<BR> SQLQuery = SQLQuery & "pd.Dryer, pd.CreativeFinancing, pd.Remarks "<BR> SQLQuery = SQLQuery & "FROM OwnerInfo o Join PropertyInfo pi "<BR> SQLQuery = SQLQuery & "ON o.UserID = pi.OwnerID "<BR> SQLQuery = SQLQuery & "Join PropertyDetails pd "<BR> SQLQuery = SQLQuery & "ON pi.DetailsID = pd.DetailsID"<BR> response.write SQLQuery<BR> SelProperties.Open SQLQuery, Connect, 2, 3<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>

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    And what does the response.write produce? To see the page without an error, comment out the line where you do a SelProperties.open. Have you run this query directly in access to make sure it responds correctly?

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