JScript vs VBscript (server side)

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Thread: JScript vs VBscript (server side)

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    hi,<BR>Can any one tell me the major diferences between this 2 types of scripting <BR>in server side?<BR>I think one of them is the error handling, if i&#039;m correct jscript is <BR>better with error handling than vb, it&#039;s true?<BR><BR>thanks<BR>

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    i don&#039;t know if error-handling is better, but the other point:<BR>vbs is late binding (dim x : set x = new obj, jscript var x = new obj)<BR>jscript is faster (in several points, check out http://dagz.net/TheOne/)<BR>in jscript you can include a function within a function. Not available in vbs (as far as i know)

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    Default error handling definitely better

    in JScript you have full try/throw/catch syntax, as found in java. in VBScript you only have on error resume next, which is a bit of a brute force solution to error handling. it&#039;s more like just barging through errors than handling them..<BR><BR>raw speed server-side is better. another advantage to using JScript is that M$ has claimed JScript ASP code will run *unchanged* in ASP.NET - not sure how accurate that is, but we can all hope...<BR><BR>j

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