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    I would like a VB function to be executed when a button "getCars" is clicked. I would like this VB function to take in a colour selected from a list on the same page. So something like this.VBFunction(red)I want this VB function to execute a query like "SELECT * from cars where colour = "red". I then want all the cars to be displayed inside another select list on the same page. As I have not done anything like this before, I wanted to know if it was possible, and if anyone can help me.Many thanks!
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    Sounds like a fine idea. what you will need to do is post the information from "SELECT * from cars where colour = "red" to your display page then write a record set and runn thought the record set entering the values in the form of a drop down box. <BR><BR>if you need some pointers with the code to do this just ask...

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    You would have to use remote scripting or XMLHTTP to perform this task "without" reloading the page. This assumes of course that you are wanting to perform this via the browser.

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