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    Al Bear Guest

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    is there a way to get a serise of records. e.g I want to select all record between two set values?? say 50 and 100.

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    select * from table where value between value1 and value2....<BR><BR>R&D Select statement....

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    Medieval Dude Guest

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    I&#039;m not sure about yer question because it could be either one of these questions:<BR>1. How do I get the TOP 50-100 records? <BR>For this, check the FAQ about setting up pages where you have 1-X number of records per page with a next and previous option.<BR><BR>2. How do I get records that have a field with a value BETWEEN 50 and 100?<BR>For this, of course you could simply do SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE myfield &#062;= 50 AND myfield &#060;= 100

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    Al Bear Guest

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    Yep number two...

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