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    Jim Rudnick Guest

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    Hello all...<BR>I&#039;ve been asked to quote on a project for a used car dealership, quite a large one in fact with over 300 cars in inventory. <BR><BR>What they &#039;think&#039; they need, is a complete management program, that will allow their sales people to do the following...<BR>- search the master inventory database for a car using various criteria, like model or year or price etc.<BR>- add, edit or delete cars from the master inventory database<BR>- provide form screens to allow the salesperson to input customer info like name, address etc. including their choice of vehicle<BR>- the ability to print out that customer/vehicle data to allow that form to be faxed to various lenders for financing (note, various lenders have different criteria that must be on that page)<BR>- the management ability only, to see what&#039;s been sold and margins etc. etc.<BR><BR>This looks like it should be an ASP+ puppy, but will most likely be created in ASPv.3 at first at least. What I&#039;m wondering is what such a browser-based application would cost in terms of time spent to generate the code, and how much $$$ such a project might be quoted to the client. <BR><BR>Anyone have any ideas here? I&#039;m looking for counsel, but I&#039;d like to see what you all think such a project would be worth in time/$$$ ?<BR><BR>Please do post here...one and all..<BR><BR>Jim<BR>Jim Rudnick<BR>www.kkti.com<BR>jrudnick@kkti.com

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    Al Bear Guest

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    Well sounds like the database will be quite complex. plus the abilitys they ask fro it would take onw man maybe a month. I would guess. so the cost if it is going to be full browser based I would put at £15,000 or $22,500. <BR><BR>this is just a ball park figure based on what you have said.

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    Medieval Dude Guest

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    Someone may prove me wrong, but I don&#039;t think you&#039;ll find a good answer in this forum. This is used more for simply answering questions about problems people are encountering with ASP or their database, etc. I take it that you are new to the consulting world, so I would suggest looking for some consulting sites or newsgroups out there to see what the average ASP consultant is charging in yer geographic location. And I doubt any of us could tell you how long it will take you to create all this for them, so you&#039;ll just have to estimate yer time based on how quickly you&#039;ve gotten projects together in the past. I would be skeptical of anyone that posted a straight dollar amount with time on this forum because there are too many variables that only you can know about.

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