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Thread: I can't run my asp

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    MSL Guest

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    I have win2000 PRO and have set up the web server that comes with it. It is running but I can&#039;t run the asp through the browser. I havent had a problem with WinNT & 98 everything<BR>seemed to work fine but now with 2000 it doesnt work.<BR>I am trying to run the asp in a browser http://servername/page.asp is ther something wrong with the way<BR>I am doing this? do I need to reconfigure the webserver?<BR>If someone can help me I would be grateful..<BR><BR>thanks<BR> MSL

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    Elliot Guest

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    Win2K pro only supports 10 simultaneous connections, FYI... I&#039;m assuming its just for development environment?<BR><BR>What happens when you type in

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    MSL Guest

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    when I use the IP address I get a page not found error<BR>I can&#039;t think of anything I am doing different unless<BR>it is in the setup. this is just for developement<BR>but it is driving me nuts because I dont understand why its not working

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