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    I am making a multi-player flash game. It has an asp backend with very simple functionality - adding each users moves into db and refreshing the .swf movies every 5 seconds. What I want to add is the ability to challenge another player. The first stage here is to add a list of players currently online. <BR><BR>my question...<BR><BR>how do I know who is online? session.sessionID? what are the logistics

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    Applcation("CurrentPlayers")<BR><BR>when they login to the game add them to an application variable<BR><BR>If Len(Applcation("CurrentPlayers")) = 0 Then<BR>Applcation("CurrentPlayers")=Request.form( "UserName")<BR>Else<BR>Applcation("CurrentPlayers" )=Applcation("CurrentPlayers") & "," & Request.form("UserName")<BR>End If<BR>

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