I&#039ve tried the following fix to get the NewMail CDONTS object to work in an Application running in an Isolated Process under IIS, but this caused any ASP pages within this application folder to time out on the server (htm pages were still served up OK). I&#039ve checked the obvious things like Run Script settings, but still no joy.<BR><BR>------------------The Fix which failed -------------------------<BR>1. When you first click "Run in Isolated Memory Space", the web site resets itself and creates a package under MTS with the IWAM user as the default.<BR>2. This package does not show up under MTS in the MMC until you exit the MMC and restart it. (This was the key)<BR>3. Once you restart the MMC, you can select the web site running in isolated space and adjust the Identity from "This user" (which is set to IWAM) to "interactive user".<BR>4. That corrected the problem.<BR>---------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>Any suggestions please?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Tim