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    Mandeep Guest

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    Sir,<BR><BR> I have made data reports using ASP. Now everything is fine except that<BR>when we give command for printing(window.print) only the currently active<BR>page is printed.<BR><BR>Suppose we have 150 records and we r displaying 10 records on each page, so<BR>we get 15 pages. What should we do so that we can print all the 15 pages.<BR>What commad/Structure should we use to accomplish this.<BR><BR>Please gimme a solution. I will appreciate ur Efforts to help me<BR>Regards<BR><BR>

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    Sven Cipido Guest

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    I had not exactly the same problem. I had also send a printing question to this list. I got two solutions as a result. I will give you one solution because this the best one for your web-application.<BR><BR>Miscrosoft has a solution for this. You can download the code and view the article "Scripting Support for Webpage Printing" at http://msdn.microsoft.com/workshop/author/script/dhtmlprint.asp <BR><BR>This solutions creates in the background your printout. So you can recreate en steer your print out, like on the screen with 10 records on each page.<BR><BR>Hopes this helps you out <BR>Sven Cipido

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