hi<BR><BR> i have a pg with frames. Each contains a form. Once details have been entered i&#039;m using submit() to send the details to processIT.asp. I want the main pg with frames to close so that the user cannot go back to the framed page and make changes & the results after the processing to be shown on a new page.<BR><BR><BR>one of my function has the following 2 lines<BR> document.form1.submit(); <BR><BR> parent.window.close<BR><BR><BR>and this is how i submit the form.<BR><BR>&#060;form name="form1" method="post" action="processIT.asp" target="_blank"&#062;<BR><BR><BR> It works fine with IE but the window does not show up at all in Netscape. WHY is it so.....and what&#039;s the work-around.<BR><BR><BR> thanks for your time