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    Hi,<BR><BR>New to ASP / SQL. Previously used VB a few years ago...<BR><BR>I am wondering what software I need in order to be able to configure a SQL server on a web host with the required tables, fields etc. <BR><BR>I use W2K Professional.<BR><BR>I hear different opinions on MS Visual InterDev and Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev. I also see there is a developer version of SQL Server 2000 that will run under W2K, although my web host runs ver 7.0 instead.<BR><BR>There is the new Office XP coming out in late May. I wonder if I need to purchase Office 2K for Access availability.<BR><BR>I have a SQL project to complete. Multi-page sign-up, subsequent visit logon, several dynamic pages with extracted membership info like Name etc from db record created on sign-up.<BR><BR>I&#039;m limited to cash, so I cannot go out and buy a $2k SQL Server package right off. I&#039;m not sure how much ASP development I&#039;ll have in the future and what software I " need " vs. what " would be nice to have ".<BR><BR>I do not understand how I will access the basic SQL db setup by the web host to configure it. I only understand that I will be able to program the web site to add new records when a surfer signs-up to the site. <BR><BR>Could anyone clarify software needs and the logistics for this beginner?<BR><BR>Thanks so much,<BR>Pete.<BR>

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    Well, from the description you gave, I&#039;d say you could *probably* get away with using Access. So if that is true, then *any* version of SQL Server should do the job.<BR><BR>I&#039;m not sure what else you are asking. What&#039;s the minimum you need? Notepad and Access. No, I take that back. If you are desparate, you can get away without Access and do everything with either .csv files or by finding *one* .mdb file someplace and using the JET engine that comes with WinXX.<BR><BR>And if Access seems too slow, you could try MySQL instead and still not pay anything.<BR><BR>What&#039;s the ideal? Do you *need* a graphical-based program editor to create Web pages? I&#039;ve tried a couple and hate them. Almost rather use Notepad. Now, I use DevStudio at work and CodeWright at home, just to get syntax coloring. SQL Server? For what you describe, *any* version of it will be overkill. <BR><BR> real answers from me, I guess. What you like. What you prefer. Works for me.<BR><BR>Oh...forgot to mention: At home, I *did* buy a copy of Office97 for about $70 and I do use Access. Too lazy to bother learning how to install MySQL, I guess.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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