anyone has answer to this, Bill ?

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Thread: anyone has answer to this, Bill ?

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    Default anyone has answer to this, Bill ?

    open a word document and type the following, then press enter and wait for 3 secs, microsoft says it will reward anyone who can reason this.<BR>= rand (200,99)<BR>..dont worry ur hard drive wont crash because of this :)

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    Default Nope, but ...

    If you enjoy that type of thing:<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>Darren<BR>[ ]

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    Default I don't believe it about MS

    It&#039;s dirt simple to understand.<BR><BR>Try doing =rand(1,3) or =rand(3,1).<BR><BR>You get 1 line with three repetitions of the phrase in the first case.<BR><BR>You get 3 lines with 1 repetition of the phrase in the second.<BR><BR>So the general form is =rand(NumberOfLines,NumberOfRepetitions)<BR><BR>As for what it is: It&#039;s just an MS Word "macro" that somebody probably put in for testing purposes and forgot to remove from the final product. I don&#039;t have the Visual Basic for Application documentation on this machine, but I&#039;ll bet I could construct a macro to do something similar using VBA. The only thing strange about it is that it doesn&#039;t show up in the list of all available macros...but even that isn&#039;t all that strange, given that it probably isn&#039;t attached to any particular template.<BR><BR>I think the story about MS rewarding people who figure it out is an Urban the PBS petition in front of Congress that was *sort* of valid in 1996 but which I still get email about 5 years later. If you can&#039;t show me an official MS web site page that talks about the reward, I won&#039;t believe it.<BR><BR>Now... How you *can* ***SEEM*** to crash your computer. After doing =rand(200,99), hit F7. Be prepared to wait a *LONG* time. Or to kill MS Word.<BR><BR>p.s.: For some fun, try these variations:<BR><BR>=rand(,1)<BR>=rand(0,1)<BR>=ran d(1,0)<BR>=rand(0,0)<BR>=rand(1,-3)<BR><BR>Hmmm???<BR><BR>But they all make sense, given my definition above.<BR>

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