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    Hey all, I'm somewhat new to MSSQL, and was just wondering the difference between nvarchar and varchar. And just the differences between all the different data-types. Does anyone know of a site that defines all the different data-types?

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    &#062; I&#039;m somewhat new to MSSQL<BR><BR>Ummm.. but you&#039;ve been using Access for a long time, yes? And Access is an MS product that supports SQL, so it&#039;s an MSSQL product.<BR><BR>[Giving you a hard time! SQL is a language. MSSQL is a language. MS SQL Server is a database product.]<BR><BR>Anyway...<BR><BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?URL=/library/psdk/sql/ts_da-db_7msw.htm<BR><BR>nvarchar is a UNICODE string. Unless you are mucking with non-European languages, ignore it.<BR><BR>Incidentally, look at that page and see how few datatypes there really are in TSQL! (There are even fewer in Access, but Access supports DOZENS of aliases for the basic names.)<BR><BR>

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