I&#039;m having problems returing data from a table with two TEXT columns in ASP using getrows.<BR><BR>I have a SQL2K table with three columns<BR>t_DOH<BR>-----------------------<BR>AutoID (INT, IDENTITY)<BR>Text1 (TEXT, NULL)<BR>Text2 (TEXT, NULL)<BR><BR>has one row: values 1,text1test,text2test<BR><BR>I&#039;m using getrows in ASP to<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM t_DOH<BR><BR>My array returns<BR>arrayval(0)=1<BR>arrayval(1)= &#039; a zero length string<BR>arrayval(1)=text2test<BR><BR>Am I not allowed to have two TEXT columns in a single table? (SQL online help alludes to tables having multiple TEXT columns...)<BR><BR>Thanks