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    Hi, I am trying to do this &#039;ASP Based EZine&#039;, and I am experiencing the same problem with it that I experience with my own Access DB ASP sites that I am trying to build. Once I finally got a connection string, it appears that I can only go into the database once. All of a sudden, I am completely locked out of my database, and can&#039;t access it. The error tells me that the DB is exclusive, and already opened. My computer was<BR>even powered down for the weekend, but it doesn&#039;t matter.<BR>What do I do?<BR>I don&#039;t have the option of using SQL. I couldn&#039;t get in<BR>touch with Bart, the tutorial&#039;s author. Can anyone help me?<BR>If possible, please email me at - this is driving me up a wall.<BR> Gary Bloom<BR>

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    Are you using a DSN to connect to the database or a DSN less connection. If you are using a DSN take a look under the "Options" button to make sure you do not have the Exclusive option set

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    Gary Bloom Guest

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    I&#039;ll be honest, I&#039;m not sure if I&#039;m using a DSN or not. I started learning ASP just before starting this new job, back in December. At work, we deal with SQL Server, and the connections to that are long time established items. It&#039;s been a general copy and paste. This stuff is for my own personal sites, which I run on a web host, and I can&#039;t afford the $70/month to have access to SQL server. A guy at work showed me how to use InterDev to create a connection string automatically, and I was able to log into the database once, and that was it. First, I got an error that said that someone else had a connection to the database, and it was exclusive. Now, we did something...I&#039;m not sure who did what...but now my error is that the database can&#039;t be locked. I&#039;m confused, and I really need to be able to get this stuff set up.

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