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    I was working with one of my database ASP files and tried to use the server.execute code listed at the bottom of this posting in the place of &#060;!-- #INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/ADOVBS.INC"&#062;. However, I received an error message at runtime stating that one of the constants in the adovbs file was not recognized. Why would that be? Isn&#039;t this a better piece of code?;<BR><BR>The code I thought should work...<BR><BR>server.execute "adovbs.asp"<BR><BR>Thanks for your assistance<BR><BR>P.S. Just so no one thinks I&#039;m crazy, I took the ADOVBS.INC file and copied and named it ADOVBS.ASP. Exact same file with different extention.

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    Default Yes, there was a bug... one earlier version of ADOVBS.INC. I just looked at my copies, and it is no longer there.<BR><BR>But tell us what the error is and show the line which matches it and I can help you fix it. I remember fixing it a long time ago (over 2 years ago?). You might simply get a new version of the file from somebody? From MS?<BR><BR>

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