Why doesn't it work?

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Thread: Why doesn't it work?

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    Shelz Guest

    Default Why doesn't it work?

    I have this line of code and the program works...<BR>"d:CSRHeartbeatlogfile.txt"<BR><BR>But when I use this one it gives me and object create error.<BR>strPathInfo = "\usa24servnetdevHeartbeatlogfile.txt"<BR><BR> What is wrong? By the way the file is on the same folder....?

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    Just a guess, but a) check file paths are correct and b) check permissions and things like that...<BR><BR>Bob

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    Shelz Guest

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    I&#039;ve checked a couple of time... Does it matter that the file I&#039;m trying to get to is on the same server as the web server is?

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