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    I need to look-up matches between 2 tables in an access. How can you do a conditional where? By that I mean let's say I want to match 10 fields. Table 1 has 8 filled and Table 2 has 10 filled. If I do a Where statement that says where all 10 in Table 1 are = all 10 in table 2 then I won't get a match if there is no info in Table 1 in 2 of those fields. Hope I explained that well enough. Any help appreciated.

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    could you *please* post some code?<BR><BR>You&#039;re only *actually* comparing at one time one record in one column with one in the other.<BR><BR>You could maybe use a for *then* if loop?<BR><BR>for i = 1 to 10<BR><BR>compare the two columns<BR><BR>if a = b then <BR>do this<BR>end if <BR><BR>next<BR><BR>*squeaky*<BR><BR><BR>

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