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    dschroeder Guest

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    I entered this question in the general q & a but did not get an answer, so I will try here. I am supporting a remote server running pws that has never run an asp page before, just html. Now, when I try an asp, it fails with server application error in Netscape and http 500 error in IE. I checked asp.dll - it is where it belongs, checked anonymous access, looks OK, but I am a thousand miles away - any suggestions?

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    Rob Guest

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    This is Probably due to the permissions of the virtual directory. Script access must be enabled (I think, since your using PWS I can&#039;t be sure, my main experience is with IIS4/5)<BR><BR>Contact the server administrator (or whoever has physical access to the server) and get them to change the permissions for your virtual root, that is, if you cannot do it from your end.)

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