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    Default .RecordCount and PWS

    I have PWS running on my local machine, connecting to an Oracle database thru ODBC (DSN's have been setup). When I try to do .RecordCount using PWS it returns -1, even though I open up the recordset as adOpenKeyset. I copied my .asp up to the server running IIS4 and the .asp worked fine and returned the correct recordcount (never changed any code). Can someone explain why?? I am relatively new to the ASP world.

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    Default Probably your ODBC driver?

    You might have an older ODBC driver on your PWS system? Pure guess. Hmmm...or maybe ADODB...maybe the one on your IIS system is using client side cursor by default and you have to specify it with the version on PWS? You might try forcing adUseClient??<BR><BR>Of course, the easy solution is to stop using .RecordCount, since it&#039;s kind of a pig, anyway. See comments on performance at http://www.LearnASP.com, for example.<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Probably your ODBC driver?

    It was the ODBC Driver - PWS is using Oracle73 Ver2.5 and IIS is using Microsoft ODBC for Oracle. Thank you so much for your help!

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