What is IIS application protection?

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    Thad Guest

    Default What is IIS application protection?

    This is a list box in IIS call application protection with three options: LOW(IIS Process); MEDIUM(Pooled); HIGH(Isolated). What do the options do? I am currently using LOW because I can't get to my web app. if I select MEDIUM or HIGH. Any info. about these options would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Luke Bailey Guest

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    Application Protection referes to where you application is run. If you select LOW then the application is run in the same process as the web server (fast but if your programm - or any components it instantiates crash the whole webserver dies). Medium pools all applications with medium setting into a separate process (slower, protects the web server but not other applciations). High places each application in a single process (slower, protects both the web server and all other applications).<BR><BR>Having said all that, there is no reason why your application should be inaccessible in medium/high. What kind of error messages have you been recieving??

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