Deleting identical records in a table

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Thread: Deleting identical records in a table

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    Hi,<BR> I am looking for a way to delete the identical records in a table...I can&#039;t figure how to do that without deleting the original one.<BR><BR> My table contains the fields ID and EMAIL and I do not want to have two records with the same EMAIL value. How can I do that? Do someone have a code sample? Thank you for helping.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default What is your ASP question???

    Please post Db related questions in the Db forum<BR><BR><BR>having said that<BR><BR>Are ALL the columns there a diff in the date??/ i am sure atleast the Pk will be diff....copy one record into a temp table then delete ALL the records from the main table and then copy the rows from the temp table back to the main table<BR><BR>

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    If there is not already a primary key, make email the primary key, then there cannot be two records with the same value in that field. You will however have to delete already existing duplicate records by opening the table in datasheet view and deleting the duplicates or writing a program to do it.

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