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    How to create search sites

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    Default *LOL*!!!!


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    Default First stope to creating a search site

    Code a spider...this will "crawl" all the sites or the ones you specify and then save some information in a Db or where ever you want and then index them...then when you need to search go through this Db whenever the user searches....<BR><BR><BR>oh and be careful your spides cannot just crawl and index all sites...there are rules to follow as in what pages you can crawl and what you are not allowes to crawl and these rules i think are in a file...i forget the name of the file robot or something...i am sure that must be wrong cause i read about it a looooong time ago<BR><BR>pretty easy huh....<BR><BR>

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    Default No, no...*this* is the first step!

    Go borrow about two million dollars.<BR><BR>That will be enough to buy all the hardware you will need and to hire all the database experts and IT experts you will need to build the first version of the site.<BR><BR>*THEN* if people like your site, you can probably go get venture capital funding to continue for the next two years and *hope* that you are on your business plan so you can go public. Of course, if people don&#039;t like your site, then you own somebody $2,000,000.00, don&#039;t you?<BR><BR>

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