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    I have a peculiar problem i have no clue how to solve. If any of you guys could help me out on this, would be great.<BR><BR>On my web server, when i try to access any asp page, the application variables defined in the global.asa file are somehow not initialised and show a NULL value.<BR><BR>The error i get is something like this<BR><BR>Error Type:<BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01A8)<BR>Object required: &#039;[undefined]&#039;<BR><BR>I have defined the application variables and initialised them in the global.asa file, but fail to understand why i cant access it in the other ASP files of the website.<BR><BR>Please Help.

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    James W Guest

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    Sounds like the .asa isn&#039;t being executed. A simple test would be to add a response.write "Hello world!" to your global.asa. If the message doesn&#039;t show on the default page, your .asa is not being executed.

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    Owen Gigg Guest

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    The only things I can think of are:<BR><BR>1) The global.asa file is not supported (This can be the case with some (usually free) web space) ie brinkster)<BR><BR>2) You haven&#039;t defined the Application level variables within either the OnStart procedures for Session / Application.<BR><BR>3) Your global.asa isn&#039;t in the root folder of your web directory structure.<BR><BR>4) The global.asa maybe new and hasn&#039;t yet been identified.<BR><BR>Chances are, you&#039;ve checked this out already and it&#039;s something more fundamental in which case I&#039;m afraid I can&#039;t help.<BR>Let me know - (or e-mail the global.asa file)

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