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    I am trying to use response.redirect within a frame page and have it redirect to a new page, instead of the same frame.

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    I have faced this problem and the different ways to rectify this is <BR><BR>1. instead of redirecting on a click of a button or waht ever use &#060;a&#062; tag anchoring and give "target=_top"<BR><BR>2. I think this should also help u ,instead of response.redirect Use <BR><BR>&#039 Parent.href = url address &#039 <BR> or <BR>&#039 Parent.url = url address&#039<BR><BR>Hope u get some idea out of it!<BR>

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    This is something that apparently can&#039t be done from the server according to the ASP documentation. Response.Redirect really just sends a 302-redirection header back to the browser then the browser navigates to the specified URL. One solution is to return in your redirection a slightly different version of the original frame page but add an OnLoad() event which would then navigate the frame you want to change to the desired URL.<BR><BR>You can find a more detailed description of how to do this at<BR><BR><BR><BR>< BR>

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    I am sorry about the "Parent" which i had given in the previous reply, it is <BR><BR>top.location.href = "url address"

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