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    We have a website running on WindowsNT platform, the webserver is on iis4.0 and <BR>the database is on Sqlserver7.0. For the past 5 months there wasn&#039;t any problem with <BR>the site and the traffic is average. But few days back suddenly the iis is stopping for couple<BR>of times over the weekend. When we checked the log file for that particular day it gave <BR>messages as &#039;out of memory&#039;. What are the reasons for &#039;out of memory&#039; in this context?<BR>Could we get a fix for this problem?

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    Are u setting any application variables that are continuously growing in size. This continually growing variable may have reached a size which is eating up most of your memory. Another reason may be that you have set the application to run in separate memory space from the IIS console.<BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR><BR>Cheers<BR>Santhosh<BR>santhosh_arvind @hotmail.com

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