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    I need to pull info from an access database but from several tables. I need to pull this info based on a uniquename and password in one table and the I need info from 4 other tables if that record is found. So I do this:<BR><BR>sql="SELECT * from table1 WHERE Unique_Name = &#039;" & Unique_Name & "&#039; AND Password =&#039;" & Password & "&#039;"<BR><BR>What would the syntax be to open the info in the other tables if the record is found in that first table. Somewhere I saw soem code that pulled info from 3 tables with one connection but I can&#039;t find that example now. Can anyone help me out with how this might work. The records in the tables are tied together by record number form the first table. Thanks <BR><BR>

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    You could build a Query in your db and run that from your web page OR try looking into SQL Statements which include INNER JOIN , LEFT JOIN etc<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR><BR>Sid

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