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    I&#039;ve asked this question on the ASP Q&A but cant get a reply!<BR>I&#039;m entering in text from a textarea form on one page into a memo filed in access and another page is displaying this information. How can I format the text from the in how can new lines and new paragraphs from the text area be translated into new lines and paragraphs in the main display page???<BR>I need to get this done soon. Any help appreciated. thanks.

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    Default Check out the FAQs <nm>


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    Dim strText<BR>strText = RS(fieldName) &#039;Your table field name in the recordset<BR><BR>&#039;Replace all end of line characters with a line break<BR>strText = Replace(strText,chr(13),"<BR>") <BR>response.write strText

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