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    i have a search page that returns results based on a number of criteria, i.e. name,location, department,position, country.<BR><BR>I wanted to have a link on the bottom of this page that uses the following javascript to bring up the printer dialoge box. <BR><BR>&#060;form&#062;<BR>&#060;input type="image" border="0" src="img/print.gif" width="22" height="18" onclick="print()" ;&#062;<BR>&#060;/form&#062;<BR><BR> However i have found out that i need a pop up window that loads the printer freindly version (without menu and sidebars). I understand that this page will have to load from the database again i just dont know how to post the query from the previous page through to the new one.<BR><BR>Any help would be good

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    You can pass the parameters to the new window as part of the querystring, or you can (shudder) put them in session variables momentarily and then clear them in your second script.<BR><BR>Example:<BR><BR> strNewURL = "" & server.urlencode(request.form("option1")) & "&option2=" & server.urlencode(request.form("option1"))<BR><BR>e tc.

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