what's wrong with this syntax?

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Thread: what's wrong with this syntax?

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    Default what's wrong with this syntax?

    why don&#039;t I get it correct when using<BR><BR> If 7 &#062;= a &#062; 6 Then ...<BR><BR>which of course is the same as<BR><BR> If 7 &#062;= a And a &#062; 6 Then ...<BR><BR>am I doing anything wrong or is this kind of shortcut not supported by basic?

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    Default Not supported <eom>


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    Default Not supported by any standard language...

    I can&#039;t think of a single "normal" computer language that supports that syntax. Examples of languages that don&#039;t (and there are others!) include:<BR><BR>C<BR>C++<BR>C#<BR>Java<BR>JavaScri pt<BR>BASIC (ANSI standard)<BR>BASIC (all MS variations)<BR>Pascal<BR>Prolog<BR>COBOL<BR>Fortra n<BR>Algol<BR>SQL<BR>PL/1<BR>LOGO<BR>Smalltalk<BR>Various shell scripts: c-shell, Bourne shell, Korn shell, etc.<BR>JCL<BR><BR>I don&#039;t think that APL supported it, but if any language did it would be the one. But good luck finding an APL system, anyway.<BR><BR>Anyway, this is kind of one of the fundamental building blocks of conventional computer languages. I&#039;m really surprised you hadn&#039;t run into a discussion of it before. Maybe everybody just assumes that you&#039;ve had an "intro to computing" class or the equivalent. I dunno.<BR><BR>

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