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    Are memo fields allowed in ASP, i&#039;ve looked all over for details but can not find any. If they are please can someone supply the code that is used.<BR><BR>How can these be writeen to a database? Is it the same as a normal fields?

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    A memo field is a proprietary MS Access field data type. Basically it allows lots of text to be stored i n a field. Writing ASP code to put text from a text field on a form into a memo field in an access db is straightforward enough. Look in the FAQs etc.

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    Yes, you use a text area. They can be treated just like any other field, but note where the text goes.<BR><BR>&#060;TextArea rows="10" cols="50" Name="MyMemo" Wrap="On"&#062;This is the text of the memo field&#060;/TextArea&#062;

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