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    Al Bear Guest

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    I have a data type critera miss match. The page things all my varables are text and not numbers is there a way to force the varables to be numbers and not text????

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    MutantFish Guest

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    Hi Al, <BR>Without seeing your code, its a little tricky to know exactly what you&#039;re doing, so this may not be the problem, but:<BR><BR>strThisIsATextString = "This is a text string"<BR>intThisIsANumber = 1<BR><BR>As you can see from the two lines above, the string is surrounded with double quotes (the ones above the number 2 on your keyboard), and the number isn&#039;t. <BR><BR>HTH<BR>MutantFish

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    kevin Guest

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    Check the place where they are entered by doing a isnumeric() check on them. or to force a string to become a number in Asp or vbscript use cint(number)

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    Al Bear Guest

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    What I have is a request("value") which is a number, which has come from a check box on a form. but when using it in an SQL insert statment there is a missmatch as the page thinks the requst value is a text file but I need it to be a number any ideas... <BR><BR>will this work???<BR>request("q1") = varq1 <BR>varq1 = cint(varq1)<BR>

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    This would work<BR><BR>varq1 = Cint(Request("q1"))<BR><BR>

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    Vijaya Seshan Guest

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    Now when you want to construct a insert statement use the following syntax:<BR>sqlStr = "insert into tablename (q1) values (" & varq1 &")"

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