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    I am currently running Win 2000 & IIS 5.0 and I am having problems getting ASP to write just to a simple txt file. I seem to have no problem viewing and seem to have most of the permissions wide open including the file set to be able to written to. Any suggestions?

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    You haven&#039;t posted any code for use to solve your problem.. and we aren&#039;t psychics.. so all I can do is refer you to this FAQ:<BR><BR><BR>It has *some* stuff that might help you, such as the second article by Bill Wilkinson... <BR><BR>Cheers, <BR><BR>Vadim C.<BR><BR>PS. If you post again, hopefully somebody else will reply shortly after because it&#039;s 5am, and I&#039;m going to bed (there aren&#039;t many/any people "solving" problems right now). Enough posts for me today. =)

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    Actually the ASP is timing out with no response. I seem to have all of the permissions in place but if I need others, I am not aware of any. Here is the site.<BR><BR>It just seems to be going around in a loop.

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