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    Rainier Guest

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    heya whaz up guys!<BR><BR>Got a question, <BR>When deleting a record in sql the records thereafter do not change the identifier. e.g. when I delete record 3, the records are shown as 1,2,4,etc. column = identifier and increment = 1<BR>how do I fix this problem(questionmark(my shift button doesn&#039;t work sometimes somehow))<BR>Thanx...

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    Nils Bilhorn Guest

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    This is intended behaviour of counters. You should not attach any semantic meaning to the value of a counter, it is just used to get a unique value. Unfortunately, counters have caused a plethora of misconceptions about relational databases, the strongest being that there are specific positions within a table and that deleting records causes gaps in the table.<BR><BR>So if you need to have records numbered consecutively you can not use counters and still allow deletions. (If the implementation of counters would take deletions into account the performance would be seriously hampered.)<BR><BR><BR>

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