Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;ve been trying to use the LCID since I wrote Scott Mitchell&#039;s article at 4guys. But it seems it doesn&#039;t work either by a response.redirect or because of using include files in NT4. It all works like a charm on my development server, using W2K Server.<BR><BR>When a user logs on on my website, I want to change the LCID to the one appropriate for the country he has stated he lives in. <BR><BR>In that logon-page I have included a couple of include-files with functions like my SetLocale(countrycode), which returns the hexcode for the locale identified by the countrycode (US, UK etc.).<BR><BR>On my Development server, using IIS5, when everything&#039;s ok, the Session.LCID is set using that function SetLocale: Session.LCID = SetLocale(rs.Fields("countrycode")) <BR><BR>When the login is ok, the user gets redirected to the main page where I have some news with newsdates. They all change depending on what country I&#039;ve stated I am from.<BR><BR>But, using my live server, a IIS4 server at my ISP, the session.lcid seems not to get active or something, because the dates are still in US format, even though I send in "UK" in my function. It doens&#039;t even help setting the Session.LCID directly at the top in my login-page! The only thing that works is to set the Session.LCID directly on the default-page with its news. _Then_ it works ok.<BR><BR>Anyone knows why and how I can solve this?<BR><BR>/Niclas