I&#039;m trying to extract all the record in a table using ODBC. The table is an Access database and no index, no primary key and there are 8000 records. For ADO I use the following <BR><BR>objRst.CursorLocation = aduseclient<BR>objRst.CursorType = adOpenForwardOnly<BR><BR>I notice a couple of things relating to the performance,<BR><BR>1. If I just print out the result without using any textbox or anything just dump out the result of the recordset, the output is very fast compare if i put the record into a listbox or combobox.<BR><BR>2. It doens&#039;t make any difference if I change the cursor location or lock type.<BR><BR>Care for any suggestion on how to make the output on the client side faster ? I&#039;m using IE 5.0<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Cheers<BR>Nanik<BR>