I recieve the following ODBC error from a script I wrote:<BR><BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Not enough space on temporary disk.<BR><BR>The script takes 100 or so rows from a db, creates a unique id, inserts them into a new DB, and sends an email to the user with the ID. <BR><BR>This error occurs at the point of the insertion into the new database. And here is the strange part - It only happens after 15-20 inserts. A different number each time.<BR><BR>The hosting company (outside company) swears there are no size restriction on our Web, and the DB itself is relatively small (200K or so). <BR><BR>Any ideas? Suggestions? <BR><BR>Anyone know where I can find some documentation as to what this error means?<BR><BR>Thanks in advace,<BR>William Case<BR>wcase@mediaone.net