Hi.<BR><BR>I&#039m developing an ASP application to upload, download and browse my company&#039s internal documents, even to delete files and create/delete folders. <BR><BR>In our LAN, Intranet&#039s web server is not the same machine that File Server. <BR><BR>My company recently bought a single license of Persits&#039 ASPUpload 1.4 for using it in our own Intranet (and they will not buy anything else!), so I&#039m using it to Upload/Download files and to browse folders. To create/delete folders and delete files, I&#039m using ASP&#039s FileSystemObject.<BR><BR>I built the application on an Win98/PWS4 workstation setting up temporary documents folders on the same machine, but on a different disk drive. It worked fine!.<BR>Then, I changed paths to point to another Win98 machine, used as testing File Server, and it didn&#039t work.<BR>I received a kind of "network error" from ASP. <BR><BR>I need to find a solution because, when finished, I have to move the entire application to the Intranet Web Server machine (WinNT4Server with IIS4) and manage files from company&#039s File Server machine (Another WinNT4Server without IIS4) across our LAN.<BR><BR>My question is: How can I use, if possible, ASPUpload and FileSystemObject Methods across a LAN.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Mario<BR>sigmatech@cantv.net<BR>