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    Dilip Guest

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    I have a listbox and "Save" button. When I click on Save button I need to check whether<BR>listbox has any values in it. How to get no. of options in the listbox.<BR><BR>document.frmselect.Listbox2.count doesn&#039;t work.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    why do u need to know the count, anything specific u want to do with the count because otherwise u can simply check the values in request.form("selectboxname"), this will give a comma separated value of all the options selected.

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    Dilip Guest

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    I&#039;m performing following function when we click "Save" button.<BR><BR>document.frmselect.action = "replaceowner.asp?owner=" + document.frmselect.Listbox2.options[0].value;<BR> document.frmselect.ownername.value = document.frmselect.Listbox2.options[0].text;<BR> document.frmselect.submit();<BR><BR>If there are not records in listbox it is giving error:<BR> lue is not object.

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    Dilip Guest

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    I got it..<BR>listbox.length <BR>Thanks

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