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    KimberlyJ Guest

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    Hi everyone,<BR>I have been putsing with this one for a few days, I hope this is an easy question. Does anyone know how to get an asp page to print? I have an asp page that I created in Interdev that uses Form Manager and 4 Recordsets, and when you choose a value from the dropdown menu, the relevant info comes up in a grid. The thing is, I need the page to print all of the information that comes up in the grid, and using:<BR><BR>Sub BtnPrint_onclick()<BR>Response.Write ("&#060;script&#062;")<BR>Response.Write("javascri pt:window.print()")<BR>Response.Write ("&#060;/script&#062;")<BR>End Sub<BR> <BR> Only prints out the top image and the Drop Down menus, all of the other information is not printed. How can I accomplish this task? Is there a way to do a "get printable version" and get all the database information printed into an HTML page and print from there?<BR>Any help is appreciated!<BR>Thanks in Advance,<BR>Kimberly

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    meeta Guest

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    have this jscript code in html document. And not as R.W statement.

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    KimberlyJ Guest

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    Thanks for the response Meeta. But how do I get all of the ASP page information into an HTML page to put the jscript into? Or should I use a .js file at that point? I have no idea how to go about that. I got one page to print the entire database but none of the other functions on the page worked. The only way I have gotten javascript to work in asp other than client validation is with R.W. Any suggestions?

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