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    Patrick S Guest

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    I am an ASP programmer and I have been asked to write a document at work on a unix machine. I know they do not support ASP so I need to write any code that I need in Javascript. Can someone explain how to retrieve a variable from a calling page in an html page using javascript? I know with asp its request.querystring("variable"), but what is it in javascript if there is even a way to do this. <BR><BR>Here is what I am trying to do. Create an HTML page that gets two variables from the calling page. It gets the image that it needs to display and it also gets the calling pages url so that it knows where to go back to after displaying the page when the user clicks the back button in the page. I send the variables in the same way that I do in asp. http:mypage.htm?image=theimage.gif&url=page1.htm<B R><BR>Any ideas if this can be done and if not what can I use on a unix machine to do this?<BR><BR>TIA,<BR>Patrick

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