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    I have created a recordset which yields results of a search back to a results page. I have the results displayed using a recordset and I want to add a number sequence to them (1. result, 2. result, 3. result, etc.). I am using paged navigation so I can limit the amount of records per page.<BR><BR>I used a counter to display a number next too each record pulled from the database and this works fine for the first page. When I hit the next button the following page resets the number back to 1. How can I set it so, the numbering sequence picks up where the previous page left off? I can&#039;t use a database autonumber because my records are unique and if I delete one, there will be a gap in the sequence (1. result, 2. result, 4. result, etc.)<BR><BR>Example:<BR><BR>Page 1<BR><BR>1. result<BR>2. result<BR>3. result<BR><BR>Page 2<BR><BR>4. result<BR>5. result <BR>etc.<BR><BR><BR>Can anyone please help?

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    Can you add to the counter on eah page? Something like <BR><BR>counter = counter +3

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    you to do???????????????????????????????????<BR><BR>I&#03 9;m so glad I wasted my time answering you. I found the article in the faqs in about 10 seconds. Please do a little research on your own. The article on the 4guys site has examples and the like.<BR><BR>

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