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    sunny Guest

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    i need to implement 2 submit buttons in one form. one button would add data to the DB and move to another page where as the 2nd one would add a record and then display the same page again.<BR>how would i handle the two submit buttons in one form.

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    well<BR><BR>change the submit buttons to just buttons<BR><BR>then use a little javascript to change the form action based on which button was clicked.<BR><BR>

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    oiadd Guest

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    you&#039;ll have problems with 2 submits since submit runs action in form tag...try type=button and that will steer you clear from using a submit and/or reset button<BR><BR>..also when you setup the redirect<BR>&#060;input type="button" value="a button" onClick="location.href=&#039;another.asp?sendquery &#039;"&#062;<BR><BR> another.asp, you can input into your table using form.request from sendquery..<BR><BR>there&#039;s too much code here that i can give for examples<BR>hope what i gave is useful!

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    sunny Guest

    Default thnx!

    i will try it and get back if i have any problems!!!

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