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    I have got this within a form<input type="button" value="test" onclick="query(this.form.selection)">But I get an error when click on the button. Can anyone help?Selection looks like this<select name="selection" size="1" STYLE="{width:180}"><option value="stockPrices">Stock Prices</option><option value="stockVols">Stock Volatilities</option><option value="div">Dividend Forecast</option><option value="borrow">Stock Borrow Rate</option><select>
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    Default RE: Form question - what's the error?

    what&#039;s the error?

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    missing a back slash in the closing select?

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    Default doh!

    you&#039;re right!

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    Default RE: look for the obvious first!

    i hate it when i miss the easy ones!

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